Who are you again?
My name is Edmund Farrow a.k.a. DadsDinner@DadsDinner.com. I have three children whom I looked after full-time for 15 years. My previous jobs include tractor driver, blackcurrant sorter, physics student, computer programmer and preacher. I'm a Christian and a writer. I've had various shows performed and a few sketches published. I've also got three housedad novels available from Amazon. (Read an extract here!) I'm now a coder. I like computer games and I've written a maths-based superhero adventure for Android.
What qualifies you to write about children and being a housedad?
I don't have any relevant formal qualifications but did I mention the three children I look after full-time? I've had years of poor sleep, wiping up dribble and being showered in vomit. I've had my share of successes, failures, disasters and pleasant surprises. I've also had a nasty dose of depression. Raising children has taught me all kinds of things and I want to pass the knowledge on.
A bit of sympathy wouldn't hurt either.  
So you're a housedad... Isn't that unnatural and against all the laws of God and man?
Are you sure?
Why is all this stuff about computer games and films and things on a site about being a housedad?
It's important to have something to talk about other than children. The problem is that there aren't many mums at parent-and-toddler who want to discuss why Sonic doesn't work in 3D or which movies featuring explosions are best. I'm writing about what I enjoy. (I don't get out much).
Who's Dave?
Dave is a fictional housedad who receives regular correspondence from Ed, another fictional housedad. Some of these letters can be read on this site, the rest I'm turning into a Housedad Hero series of books. Ed is a bit like me. Any resemblance between any of the other characters and any real people is entirely unfortunate.
Why fictional? Why didn't you just write a blog?
I thought this would be more fun. Besides, I want to stay on speaking terms with the wife and kids.
What are all these ads doing here?
Some pin-money would be good for my self-esteem. Actually, just making back my costs would be nice. These days, most of the ads are for my stuff. Why not check out the Kids, Cuddles & Caffeine novel or Maths Warrior?
Are you available for speaking engagements?
Yes! Preferably around Edinburgh or in the central belt, unless you can make me a really good offer.
Is Scary Karen real?
Not as such but there are some pretty terrifying mums out there.
Why DadsDinner?
DearDave was taken and I got alliterative Ds stuck in my head. DadsDinner also has a hint of what the site's about but doesn't promise anything specific. I like that.
Are you ever going to add anything to the Handbook?
It's on my to-do list but, then again, I'm also meaning to sort my InBox and that still has Easter deals from Amazon sitting in it. (Easter 2005, that is...)